Who is a FIAOMC?

 IAOMC is the leading Academy of Orthokeratologists in the World, formed to support, promote and advance Orthokeratology by providing quality education and scientific information on the subject of Orthokeratology and Myopia Copntrol to all its members.  Fellowship status in EurOK is determined by doctor experience and expertise and follows a rigorous case evaluation and testing procedure.  Those Orthokeratologists who achieve Fellowship status are committed to adhering to the highest standards of care in this specialty.

  • The FIAOMC is the Gold standard for practitioners of Orthokeratology.
  • A Fellow of the Academy (FIAOMC) possess and demonstrate the highest level of knowledge, ethics and patient care with respect to the practice of Orthokeratology.
  • Fellows serve as mentors and role models for new Ortho-K doctors.
  • Fellows are viewed an authority by patients researching Myopia Control and OrthoK on the web
  • Fellows receive a prominent and distinctive listing on Section websites practitioner search tab
  • The preparation to take the FIAOMC test hons your skills and broadens your knowledge.
  • Patients will see the FIAOMC designation after your name giving you and your staff the opportunity to promote myopia control and orthoK.
  • Members and use our website to locate a new doctor for their relocating patients.  They usually refer to a Fellow as their skills have been certified.

You must have:

      • Must be a continuous member of the IAOMC for 2 years.
      • Attended one section meeting within the last 3 years.
      • Show proof of fitting 50 myopia control and orthoK cases.
      • Attended orthoK bootcamp
      • Bootcamp requirement is waived if you have fit > 100 cases
      • Must employ a topographer in their fitting.
      • Employ fully modifiable software OR fit a minimum of two different orthoK companies
      • Members of the IAOA – see your Chair for special requirements



Download Application HERE


 Section  Chair  E-Mail
 AAOMC  Caroline Cauchi
 Eurok  Jaume Paune
 IAOA  Michelle Xiao Yang
 OSO  Alex Petty
 BIPOK  Nitesh Barot
 ALOMC  Wilda Santiago

Click here (FIAOMC Protocol)for a comprehensive document detailing the study and preparation process, the written test and the oral panel exam.

Each section is responsible for determining the FIAO testing fee.  


 Section     In Section Fee       Out of Section Fee
 AAOMC     500 USD       650 USD
 EurOK     400 EU       650 EU
 OSO    700 AUD       1000 AU



Written Exam and Oral Panel Exam: allowed one retest at no charge if candidate fails a second time, must submit a new application and pay full fee again.

All testing must be completed within 2 years from the date of the initial written exam. If it is later than that date, the candidate must reapply and pay the new fee.