FIAOMC-The Gold Standard

A Fellowship in the International Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia  Control (FIAOMC) represents the highest achievement in the sub-specialty of Myopia Management.  Rigorous testing allows the Academy to certify that the candidates possess superior knowledge related to all methods of controlling  a patient’s increasing myopia.  These include control-specific soft and rigid lens designs , pharmaceutical management, behavioral and environmental manipulation as well as binocular assessment/treatment.  The candidates must also have a thorough knowledge of the epidemiology of the myopia epidemic (ie., risk factors, incidence, prevalence, associated pathology, etc.) in addition to an understanding of how these myopic changes occur.

Testing involves a comprehensive written exam, the submission of 3 case reports and an oral examination.  Prior to testing, candidates spend about 6 months preparing with the help of a personal mentor as well as a candidate study group.  This process forges bonds between the candidates that are important and long-lasting.  

Once a candidates achieves the FIAOMC they agree to promote the Academy and myopia management to our members as well as the general public. Currently we have 143 FIAOMCs worldwide.  Please consider embarking on this amazing journey so we can add your name to our FIAOMC Hall of Fame.

Caroline Guerrero Cauchi, OD, FIAOMC