Advanced learning at Vision by Design 2019

Ophthalmologists, optometrists, academicians, researchers, students and representatives from the corporate sector gathered at the Renaissance Convention Centre in Powai, Mumbai, from 6 to 8 September 2019 for a Vision by Design Conference. The international conference, organised by the British Indo Pacific Ortho-Keratology Myopia Control Academy (BIPOK) and Masterclass Optometry, was attended by 225 delegates, speakers and students.

The event offered a great opportunity for learning the skill of fitting techniques in all areas of myopia control and prevention, including corneal reshaping. While Myopia Control was the main theme, a number of sessions also dealt with topics like ethics, law, patient counselling and education, fitting philosophies, troubleshooting and product knowledge.

The 12 international experts and 8 Indian speakers conducted plenary sessions, workshops, scientific presentation and panel discussions. The keynote speakers who shared their knowledge and experience represented a wide range of disciplines, making the conference a holistic learning experience.

The international speakers were:

Dr Cary Herzerg

Dr Nitesh Barot,

Prof Sami El Hage

Dr Bruce Williams

Dr Somi Oh

Dr Matthew Martin

Dr Arthur Tung

Dr Chris Eksteen

Dr Randy Kojima

Dr Nathan Schramn

Dr Julie Abraham

Steven Ernst

Following the inaugural ceremony by Dr Nitesh Barot, Dr Cary Herzberg, Dr Quresh Maskati and Ms Kunda Ganatra, the first session by Yeshwant Saoji and Nilesh Thite addressed “The current scenario of practice in India” and “The game changers of contact lens practice”, respectively.

Next up were in-depth sessions with Dr Cary Herzberg from USA on “Myopia Control-where are we?”, and by Dr Randy Kojima on corneal topography, its detailed interpretation and application for orthokeratology. Rajesh Wadhwa explained the ethical and legal aspects of myopia control, and dealing with a patient. That myopia control alone cannot be treated successfully if the binocularity of the patient is not taken into consideration was very clearly delineated by Dr Rizwana Hussaindeen. Dr Nitesh Barot and Dr Mathew Martin defined the fitting approach of orthokeratology. With these detailed sessions the first day was a comprehensive learning experience on how and why myopia control is important and how to incorporate it in practice.

The second day’s programmes were as interesting, beginning with a demonstration of fitting orthokeratology lenses on live patients by a team from Contex who also presented a comprehensive session on lens selection, fitting assessment and post fit effects. GOV Lenses too conducted an absorbing workshop.

The day featured invaluable presentations and lectures by Dr Chris Eksteen on “Troubleshooting of orthokeratology lenses”, Dr Sami El Hage from the University of Houston on “Orthokeratology and C3R”, Dr Somi Oh on “Soft lenses and myopia control”, and Dr Arthur Tung from Taiwan on “Rehabilitation of the altered corneas”.

The third day had interactive hands-on sessions by GOV and Contex, the platinum sponsors of the conference, for all the delegates and students. As scleral lenses are also a crucial part of fitting specialty contact lenses, this too was covered in detail. Prasad Sawant and Dr Randy Kojima expounded on “Scleral lenses and their fitting philosophies” and “Fitting scleral lenses in keratoconus”, respectively. Dr Quresh Maskati, a renowned ophthalmologist from Mumbai, discussed how to manage ocular surface disorders with scleral lens.

Dr Chandrashekhar Chawan went back to the era of impression moulded contact lens while Dr Nathan Schramm showed a glimpse of the future with the “Latest advancements in contact lenses”. This was followed by a stimulating scleral lens fitting workshop conducted by Dr Chawan, Dr Schramm and Dr Julie Abraham.

It was certainly a most successful conference with the delegates motivated and enthusiastic about putting their rich learning experience into practice. Feedback indicated that all the attendees were very appreciative of the high quality and delivery of the content, and the arrangements for the event.